Liu Yu


Education experience

Zhejiang University - Software Engineering Time: 1 Sep. 2017 - 31 June. 2019 / GPA: 3.32/4.3
Yanbian University - Chemical Engineering and Technology Time: 1 Sep. 2013 - 31 June. 2017 / GPA: 2.692/4.3
Kangwon National University - Computer Education Time: 1 Jan. 2016 - 31 June. 2016 / GPA: 3.88/4.3

Intern experience

Didi 1 Nov 2018 - 5 Mar. 2019

During my tenure, I am mainly responsible for the pricing strategy related to the driving business. Mainly involved in the launch of the 3.0 version of the driving fee, but also a large amount of data analysis, through the data analysis to quantify the effectiveness of the strategy and make adjustments and feedback.

Tencent 16 May. 2018 - 31 Aug. 2018

During my tenure, I promoted the launch of products such as Cloud API Explorer and Cloud APIOS, and also refactored the internal product cloud API OSS. In addition, during the inauguration period, several sets of cloud API tutorial videos were created, and the relevant communities of the cloud API were operated to dynamically model and dynamically quantify user data.

QunLong Tech. 12 May. 2015 - 31 Mar. 2018

It belongs to the university student entrepreneurship project. As the CEO of the company, I am mainly responsible for the normal operation and overall planning of the company, as well as technology. During my tenure, I promoted the launch of projects such as Anycodes, Weiqi, and Ouryust, among which Anycodes has now exceeded 300,000 downloads.

Project experience


Project Role: Developer
Operator Project Time: 2015.08 – Present
Project introduction: Develop an online programming software. Users can edit and compile C, C++, Java, Python and other nine languages on-line at anytime and anywhere through mobile client, Wechat account and Web pages. The platform also has the functions of code download, image output, communication forum and online evaluation. As of Aug. 2018, the total number of downloads by mobile clients was 300,000, and the number of web page requests exceeded 10,000 per day.
The main technology: The web version 2.0 version uses the PHP language for development. In order to prevent users from submitting malicious code, the regular expression is used to shield the keywords. At the same time, multiple virtual machines are used as compilers, and the dynamic IP is realized through virtual routing technology. Parsing and intranet penetration, the web version 3.0 version was developed using the Python WEB framework Django, and the virtualization technology was changed to Docker. The project's mobile client has always used Webview as its main technology.
Project Note: The project used the domain name:, the project has Anycodes online programming (soft: 2015SR164783), online programming platform (soft: 2017SR105637), mobile programming software (soft: 2017SR462051), programming dictionary (soft: 2017SR070853) and many other software copyrights and a patent for appearance.

AI Blog

Project Role: Developer
Operator Project Time:
2017.08 – Present
Project introduction: Develop a blog system by Python WEB framework with functions of article publishing, viewing, question answering, comment, Taobao guest, question bank, code center and so on. Its greatest feature is that it integrates machine learning algorithm to realize automatic abstraction, keyword extraction and other functions, and also integrates incremental crawler technology to achieve automatic updating of Taobao guest and question bank.
Main technology: The project mainly uses Django framework for development. It is deployed on Alibaba Cloud server through Nginx+Wsgi. The project uses Sklearn framework to implement automatic summary and keyword extraction technology, as well as some WeChat platform development technologies.
Project Note: Project 1.0 has a soft one: IWrite blog system (soft: 2017SR101153), version 2.0 has a soft one: ZJU smart blog system (2017SR577667), project domain name:

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